• Can I still place a manual trade?

    Customers will not be able to trade individual securities in Sidepocket. Customers can only Fund or Withdraw money from particular Sidepockets, which contain a basket of underlying securities (primarily a basket of ETFs and highly liquid stocks) selected from our universe. The underlying securiti...
  • How do we execute trades when you fund a Sidepocket?

    As soon as you fund a Sidepocket in the application, the order will be queued up and subsequently sent to our broker-dealer and custody partner Apex clearing. Apex will automatically process and submit order for the underlying securities that make up the Sidepocket. The order will be filled durin...
  • How long does it take to fund a Sidepocket?

    Funding a Sidepocket can take 1-3 days depending when the order was placed (if the order was placed during the weekend outside of market hours for example). Sidepocket orders placed during market hours should take only a few minutes to execute.